Name: Dynesty Dee-light

aka Dyna

  Dob: June 9 2008
Sex: Mare
Color: Sorrel Pinto
Reg: No
Foal(s): No
Comments: Was born here does tricks.

We do not breed cats all our cats are fixed.

Name: Midnight
Birthday: 1997
Breed: Short haired mix
Sex: Fixed male
Color: Black w/t few white hairs
Reg: No
Comments:  Born to kinck at our farm
Pictures coming soon 

Name: Shadow 
Birthday: 1999
Breed: Short hair mix
Sex: Fixed Male
Color: Black and White
Reg: No
Comments: Found in the ditch by our house in 1999 he was under 1 week old. We bottle fed him.
Pictures coming soon 

Name: Foxie
Birthday: 2010
Breed:  long haired Mix
Sex: Fixed Female
Color: Tri Colored
Reg: No
Comments:  Got given her in prince george.